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Superior Plumbing Installation in Killeen, TX 

The home you're planning to build will have a fully functional kitchen and bathrooms with Aqua Tech’s superior new plumbing installation in Killeen, TX. Using premium materials, we do a complete job that ensures you have access to water whenever you want it. Plumbing remodeling is also available when you add a room or renovate your home. Call us for a free estimate.

New and Improved

Our contractors have experience making new plumbing installations in a variety of structures, including tract homes and custom homes. Before any work is done, we explain the various steps of the process and provide you with a potential timeline. You can use this information to decide if you want us to do the work.


We can start the project as soon as you give us the word. Our licensed plumbers know what kind of equipment is required by OSHA, the state plumbing board, and city governments. We install top-quality parts and fixtures that operate effectively and last. 

Plumbing Makeover

Make your bathrooms and kitchen modern and functional with plumbing remodeling from our company. As with new installations, we explain the process and give you a projected schedule, so that you can determine if we're the right plumbers for you.

Upon acceptance of the job, you receive friendly professional service through completion. Service includes obtaining the remodeling permits and conducting inspections needed for the project. We have a 100% pass rate for first-time inspections.

Additionally, we clean up after the remodeling work is done so that you don't have to do it. Ground-up industry expertise, competitive bidding, and fast and reliable service is what you receive when you choose us.